Individual Dental ImplantsWe have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of implant dentistry and over the past 25 years this has become a significant part of our business.

We are able to work with most recognised implant systems, from single tooth to full mouth restorations, cement or screw retained, milled bars and overdentures, so whichever system you are using now, you can be confident that our technicians are well-versed in your dental implant needs.

Gaining the optimum result

In order to achieve the optimum result we encourage our clients to involve us at the earliest possible stage. Whether screw retained or cemented restorations using standard stock, custom cast or milled abutments, we can assist in selecting the most appropriate type of implant restoration to deliver a highly functional and aesthetic outcome for the patient.

Using the latest in CadCam technology we are able to achieve outstanding aesthetics, high strength, and predictable shade matching even for the most complex of cases.

Take advantage of recent advances in technology

There have been considerable advancements in the field of Implantology in recent years and as a result, we have seen a growth in the number of surgeons entering the field. Experienced or newcomer, we work in harmony with our clinical colleagues; for us it is second nature and we feel that ultimately the time spent liaising in this way adds real value for the patient.

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