Making AcrylicsThe Best Dentures Crafted by the Hands of a Denture Specialist

Dynamic Dental Laboratories are a boutique dental lab owned and operated by dedicated dental mechanics with 25 years experience in Sydney. You can count on the work being of high quality and superior craftsmanship. Only Australian-made materials are used.

We are known for creating finely crafted dentures. You will not waste chair time,  give us excellent impressions and we’ll give you the best dentures. We use premium teeth and color-stable acrylic for durable and natural-looking dentures.

We believe that good communication with our dentists ensures patient happiness. We are glad to discuss and solve any denture issues. We have a long history of problem solving together with dentists.

All acrylic work is carried out utilising injection moulding techniques, together with ‘high impact’ acrylic resin, guaranteeing an optimal fit with no possibility of any dimensional changes during the processing procedures.

The use of this technique results in a prosthesis which exhibits maximum strength containing barely any trace of residual monomer, thus overcoming some patient allergy concerns which can result from conventional processing techniques.

As standard practice we routinely contour and facet all acrylic work, which is processed on duplicate casts then fitted back to the original master cast and occlusion checked so as to minimise the final fit appointment.

Chrome Castings

All our Chrome cobalt castings are designed and constructed by the laboratory to give you the client and us full control at all times from the design stage to the finished denture.


  • Chrome cobalt dentures are cast to fit your teeth. Hence they are more stable and retentive compared to normal acrylic dentures.
  • Chrome cobalt denture has higher dimensional stability compared to acrylic dentures, which means it will not change its shape easily.
  • Higher thermal conductivity compared to acrylic dentures which allow you to feel the temperature of food and beverages which you have consumed.
  • More hygienic compared to acrylic dentures. This is because they are less porous and lessen the accumulation of food, plaque and calculus on metal surface.
  • Chrome cobalt dentures are lighter in weight. They can be cast thinner than acrylic dentures while maintaining its strength.


  • Less aesthetic compared to acrylic dentures.
  • Chrome cobalt dentures are slightly more expensive than acrylic dentures.



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